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Garden furniture SWINGEAT is an excellent choice for your beer garden, outdoor terrace as well as your interior. It is a great attraction that will lure your customers to come and relax, and they will remember your restaurant, hotel or guest house long after their visit. The horizontal smooth movement of the whole set allows the food and drinks to be served while swinging without spilling. The combination of a table, benches and a textile shade is designed in order to provide maximum comfort for dining and a social chat. The used materials, the movement mechanism and the professional manufacturing predetermine the SWINGEAT furniture to be used mainly in the restaurants, hotels or guest houses. Another great advantage is that you need not build a flat terrace, even if you have a sloping surface. On top of that, the price of the SWINGEAT furniture by no means exceeds the price of standard garden furniture. Please contact us and obtain the best prices directly from the manufacturer.

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